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Identi-Toy Exhibition at Jubilee Library

People tend to gravitate towards objects, images and sounds that we find of interest. Often these interests are the driving force of our human nature and help form our visual identity. we visually communicate our personalities in many ways, especially when we choose to make objects.

The Identi-Toy project is a visual communication experiment. These new artworks made by Neurodiverse youth artists explore how our identities are embedded in the objects we make. 

The artworks were displayed in Jubilee Library Brighton and were made by Neurodiverse youth artist and Exploring Senses artists. During the Identi-Toy project we asked young people to explore their personalities to find out what inspires them and to see if they have any hidden alter egos. The young people learnt how to combine arts with technology and these artworks are some of the creations they chose to make. 

During the Identi-Toy project we worked with Neurodiverse young people who attend BACA school, Priory Oak Centre in Lewes and mASCot at Brighton Youth Centre. All the young people in the project are aged between 8-16 years. 

This Exhibition was funded by Arts Council England. 

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Happy sat here toy hack


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Say Hi!
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