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Behind the Mask- 21st April 2022

Exploring Senses were commissioned by Third Thursdays Brighton to create a projection to be shown on the third thursday of April 2022 on the subject of youth mental health. 

Exploring Senses artists collaborated with youth artists to create, artwork, music, lyrics which was then made into a film by Nathan Clear, which provides an alternative viewpoint about the struggles of young people in modern daily life

The short film was projected onto the side of TKmaxx in Brighton


Big thanks to:  

Youth artist Lil SxS for the soundtrack


Audio active Room to Rant young Mc's for their recorded rhymes: GreySkyLines, Pain, Shane, RainyDays,Dead K, MacPerry​naise and Nicolson

Sam Halligan and Jon Clark from Audio Active for co-ordinating and sound production. 

Digital artist Nathan Clear for producing the short film. 

Commissioned by Third Thursdays Brighton. Third Thursdays are delivered in partnership between ABCD Cultural Recovery Plan and Brilliant Brighton Business Improvement District. It is curated and produced by videoclub. Third Thursdays has been supported by Arts Council England, Brighton & Hove City Council, The Pebble Trust and the Welcome Back Fund

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